Grip de, Andries

Andries de Grip is head of research on employment and training at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA), Chair of the Board of NSI, and professor of training and the labour market at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. His research interests include human capital development and obsolescence, labour market dynamics, the effects of HRM, employability and the performance and labour market participation of older workers, and the relationship between technological developments and skill demands.

He has led a large number of research projects on labour market developments, labour mobility, skill obsolescence, a training and informal learning, HRM policy and so on for various ministries, the European Committee, the OECD, the business community and numerous other organizations. He is the author of more than 140 publications in scientific journals and books, including Applied Economics, Economics of Education Review, Economics Letters, Industrial and Labor Relations Review, International Labour Review, Journal of Forecasting, Labour Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, and Research Policy.

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