Back to Work


Prof. dr. Joan Muysken, Prof. dr. Saskia Klosse, Dr. Ruud Gerards, Drs. Noëlle Tillie, Mr. Bianca Oijen, Mr. Christa Lamberti, Drs. Priscilla Diepstraten, Bob Severijns.

Co-operation with local authorities in the Province of Limburg.

Further information

Introduction and position in the current literature

Local authorities in the South of Limburg offer re-integration projects for persons entitled to social benefits. These projects attempt to guide their participants to regular work anywhere possible or otherwise to participate in society in many different ways. However, when comparing the re-integration policies of various regions, we need to take into account the differences in regional and economic circumstances. After all, since the start of the crisis in 2004, the economy in Limburg has been hit quite hard. Furthermore, local policies have also been changed by the introduction of the new social law (WWB). Finally, all municipalities are also facing challenges with the preparation for the participation law which will be introduced in 2014.

Research questions & hypothesis

The re-integration policies of several local authorities in the South of Limburg will be compared in the timespan from 2004 to 2013. Furthermore, the goal is to gain more insights into matters as obligatory and voluntary participation, the type of work, the length of the project, the supervision of the job, productivity, rewards and sanctions, matter of evaluation, the use of intermediate parties and the responsibilities of the groups involved. This acquired knowledge creates enhanced insights to what factors determine the success of the re-integration projects, in relationship with economic and regional conditions. Besides, we will be able to define ‘best-practices’ which stimulates future capacitation projects and creates possibilities for local authorities to exert the participation law. Finally, the need and possibilities for cooperation between local authorities will be assessed.

Research methods

Information will be gathered by studying government’s policies. Data will be provided by the CBS and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. Furthermore, in-depth-interviews will be held with staff members of local authorities, the city council member in charge and potentially others that work in the field.

Results & follow ups

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Klosse, S., J. Muysken, R. Gerards, N. Tillie, B. van Oijen, P. Diepstraten, B. Severijns, Back to Work: Gemeentelijk re-integratiebeleid in Limburg vergeleken (in Dutch).