Call for Proposals 2010

NSI invites research proposal submissions that contribute to NSI’s mission and meet NSI criteria.

NSI focuses on social and organizational innovations to improve the development and use of talent and know-how and ultimately firm performance. NSI believes that this can only be achieved if science, business and social organizations join forces. By focusing research on issues that firms and other organizations face in real life, and by studying these issues with a scientific approach, we will be able to gather knowledge about social innovation processes that are of direct importance to the economy.

NSI has set up four related research programmes concerning the following themes:

  • Education and the social context (coordinator: Prof. Dr. Lex Borghans)
  • Human resource development in companies (coordinator: Prof. Dr. Andries de Grip)
  • Business dynamics (coordinator: Prof. Dr. Paul Iske)
  • Social Innovation in SMEs (coordinator: Dr. Anita van Gils)

We invite you to submit research proposals for (co-)financing by NSI in the context of the four themes mentioned above. Your research proposal should meet the following two criteria:

  • external cooperation with the business world or other organizations;
  • supply information about how much funding is needed for the proposed research project, which part will be paid for by others and how much funding is needed from NSI.
    Furthermore, NSI appreciates research projects in which researchers from different SBE departments cooperate.

NSI’s funding can be used for:

  • project-related personnel costs (for example a PhD candidate or postdoctoral student);
  • project-related materials, travelling and equipment.

The project proposals are to be submitted by means of a brief description of the project according to the Format for proposals NSI 2010. The board of NSI will invite the applicants to further explain the project in a meeting with two board members. The project proposals must be submitted by e-mail to NSI’s secretariat before February 1, 2011.

For any further questions, please contact either myself or one of the other programme coordinators.

Kind regards,

Prof. dr. Andries de Grip
Chair of the NSI Board