Call for proposals 2012

Call for short-term project proposals

The Network Social Innovation (NSI) enables organisations to leverage knowledge about social innovation to improve their performance. Social innovations are new practices that lead to improved development and utilisation of people’s competences, or organisational renewals, both resulting in increased performance. NSI initiates, executes and facilitates high-quality scientific research on social innovation through, amongst others developing and stimulating contacts between organisations and researchers, and stimulating multidisciplinary collaboration.

Call for project proposals
NSI invites colleagues of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) to submit proposals for short-term research projects (completion ultimately by the end of 2012) qualifying for co-financing. With this call NSI is particularly providing an incentive to researchers that would like to cooperate with external organisations, but are relatively inexperienced with it.

Research project proposals should contribute to NSI’s aims and be relevant to one or more of the four research programmes of NSI:

  • Education and the social context
  • Human resource development in companies
  • Business dynamics
  • Social Innovation in SMEs

For more details on these themes, including examples of research topics and current research projects, visit the NSI website:


The call is open for project proposals that meet the following criteria:

  1. Projects should include cooperation with businesses or other external organisations.
  2. Applicants should be affiliated with SBE.
  3. Projects should be completed ultimately by the end of 2012.
  4. Project proposals should supply information about the budget needed to execute the proposed research project, which part of the costs will be paid for by other organisations and how much funding is needed from NSI. In this round NSI is willing to fund up to 80% of the project costs if external parties will fund the remaining 20%.

When funding by external parties has not yet been formally arranged, project proposals are eligible to conditional funding by NSI. From our experience we know that NSI’s willingness to fund a large part of the project costs encourages external organisations to co-fund research projects.

  1. NSI’s funding should be used for project-related personnel costs or materials, travelling and equipment. Given the short-term character of the research projects, projects may be carried out by current academic staff. In addition, only costs incurred by SBE are eligible for co-financing.
  2. The project proposal does not need elaborate specification. They should be structured in line with the Format for proposals NSI 2012

Projects, in which researchers from different backgrounds (e.g. different SBE departments, UM schools or faculties, or other knowledge institutes) cooperate, and projects with a focus on organisations within the Province of Limburg, have a greater chance of acceptance.Â

Next to its eligibility, each project will be evaluated by two board members on criteria such as scientific quality, academic relevance and relevance for the field, quality of the collaboration and feasibility. Therefore the board of NSI will invite the applicants to further explain the project in a meeting with these board members.

The deadline for submitting project proposals is May 7th 2012.

Contact and Information
The project proposals can be submitted by e-mail to NSI’s secretariat

For general questions, contact the operations manager of NSI, Dr. Thomas Thijssens:

For any further questions relating to content, please contact the coordinator of the relevant research theme.