Gabelica, Catherine

Catherine is PhD candidate at the Department of Educational Research and Development of the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. Her research investigates the influence of providing teams with feedback on their performance and on their interpersonal and cognitive processes with regard to team learning. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Sciences from The University of Liège (2006) as well as a Bachelor teaching degree in elementary education from a Teacher Training Institute (2003). From 2006 to 2008, she worked at the Department of Educational Systems and Practices at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the University de Li¨ge as a junior researcher. She was in charge of several educational research and training as assessment of school achievement, international comparative studies (Pirls and PISA), external assessment in the French-speaking community of Belgium, construction of educational tools in mother tongue and pre-service schoolmaster-training. She also experienced adult education counselling at a Training Institute (Epicuris). As a training coordinator she was responsible of an E-learning training development as well as strategic and market watch. Her high interest in education, learning processes, evaluation and training naturally brought her to her actual research about team learning.


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