Nap, Elma

Elma Nap-Kolhoff achieved a propedeutic in Turkish languages and cultures at Utrecht University in 1997 (cum laude). Continuing her Master’s studies at Tilburg University she graduated cum laude in Linguistics, with the specialisation ‘Turkish in Europe’, in 2001. In 2002, she commenced her PhD-research on the Dutch language development of Turkish-Dutch children attending pre-school playgroup in the Netherlands, at the Department of Language and Culture Studies of the same university. For a joint paper with Roel van Steensel she received the award ‘Best Post-Graduate Paper presented at the Pre-Conference of the European Conference for Educational Research 2004′. In 2007-2008, she participated in an NWO/BOPO funded research project at Tilburg University, evaluating early childhood educational programmes in the Netherlands. Since 2009, Elma Nap-Kolhoff is a post-doc researcher at Maastricht University, coordinating a project on early childhood education in South-Limburg, funded by NSI.