Pfann, Gerard

The Chair that I occupy is divided across two fields of study, namely Quantitative Economics, or Econometrics, and Organization and Strategy. One side of the research is concerned with the development of methods and techniques for collecting data, or ‘data techniques’, in which I look for ways to collect (primary) data, for example through interviews and questionnaires. And I study which existing (secondary) data is available. Within the Chair, we developed our own course in this field: Business Research Methods.

Using this data, I study the functioning of markets and companies. This part of the research concentrates mainly on the development of econometric methods of empirical analysis and behavioral models that describe the decisions of entrepreneurs. An example of such a model is how firms make investment decisions under uncertainty while facing fixed and variable costs of adjustment. Other examples include the analysis of the structure of markets and business tasks, mergers and acquisitions, or the expansion or downsizing of organizations.

I am regularly asked to sit on national and international panels for the evaluation of research, which means I regularly come across the international equivalents of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). The said panels select excellent promising young researchers and evaluate research institutes or research programmes.

Additional functions:
Editor-in-Chief of the European Economic Review (Elsevier)
Founding Editor of the Journal of Empirical Finance (Elsevier)
Vice-Dean for Research (FEBA)

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