Emmerik van, Hetty

Hetty van Emmerik is Professor of Organizational Theory and Organizational Behavior at the department of Organisation and Strategy, at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics. Her research interests broadly include organizational behavior and (Strategic) HRM issues such as social relationships within organizations (e.g., leadership and working within teams, mentoring, networking, social support issues) and the association of these topics with various career outcomes at the team and at the individual level (e.g., team satisfaction, commitment, burnout, and work engagement). Complementary interests include international management, gender differences, diversity within the working context, and differential preferences of employees.

Hetty is (co-)author of over 70 articles and chapters/books and has received several Best Paper Awards and Best Reviewer Awards. Furthermore she is active in the Academy of Managent and co-editor of the Career Development International.

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