Soete, Luc

Luc Soete (Brussels, 1950) is Director of UNU-MERIT (the United Nations University- Maastricht Economic and social Research and training centre on Innovation and Technology) which emerged out of the integration of UNU-INTECH (the United Nations University Institute for New Technologies) and the University of Maastricht research institute MERIT. He is also Professor of International Economic Relations (on leave) at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics.

Professor Soete was the founding director of MERIT, which he set up in 1988, and oversaw the integration in 2005 of MERIT into UNU-INTECH to form the new research and training centre, UNU-MERIT. He is a member of the Dutch scientific advisory body Adviesraad voor Wetenschap en Technologie (AWT).

Before coming to Maastricht in 1986, he worked at the Department of Economics of the University of Antwerp (previously known as UFSIA), the Institute of Development Studies and the Science Policy Research Unit both at the University of Sussex, and the Department of Economics at Stanford University. Professor Soete completed his first degrees in economics and development economics at the University of Ghent, Belgium, before obtaining his DPhil in economics at the University of Sussex. His research interests cover the broad range of theoretical and empirical studies of the impact of technological change, in particular new information and communication technologies on employment, economic growth, and international trade and investment, as well as the related policy and measurement issues.

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