Mission, vision & strategy

NSI defines social innovation as follows:

Social innovations are

  • new practices that lead to improved development and utilisation of people’s competences,
  • organisational renewals,

resulting in increased performance.

NSI enables organisations to leverage knowledge about social innovation to improve their performance.

NSI performs high-quality scientific research on social innovation, together with other organisations and makes this research accessible and applicable.

NSI initiates, executes and facilitates high-quality scientific research on social innovation through:

  • co-operating with other organisations;
  • developing and stimulating contacts between organisations and researchers;
  • contributing to the education on the subject of social innovation;
  • co-creating policy regarding social innovation;
  • working together with other knowledge centres in the field of social innovation;
  • stimulating multidisciplinary collaboration.

NSI in a nutshell. Click here for the presentation.