News 2012

  • NSI’s Think tank appeared in NRC Handelsblad, 27 July 2012, “Zuid-Limburg heeft de achterstand van Rotterdam”(article in Dutch) and in Dagblad De Limburger “Koudwatervrees”, 28 August 2012. Click here for the original article.
  • Paul Jungbluth appeared in De Volkskrant, 31 July 2012, “Problemen Zuid-Limburg zijn die van een grote stad (article in Dutch).
  • NSI invited colleagues of Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) to submit short-term research project proposals qualifying for co-financing, that contribute to NSI’s aims and meet NSI criteria. The deadline for submitting project proposals is May 7th 2012.
  • Archi Leenaers (Director Anatech and member of NSI’s Think Tank) has appeared in Link Magazine, April 2012, source:
  • Andries de Grip and Frank Cörvers have appeared in Me Judice about “Both firms and employees will benefit from long-term temporary contracts”,  24 March 2012 (article in Dutch).
  • Andries de Grip appeared in Informatiebulletin VWL Samenwerkend Limburg about “The Labour Market Will Automatically Become More Flexible”, 6 February 2012 (article in Dutch).
  • Lex Borghans appointed chair of scientific advisory committee research program Ministry of OCW. The Dutch Ministry of OCW (Education, Culture and Science) plans to experiment with performance-based compensation in the field of education. A scientific approach is regarded to be essential for these experiments. Researchers, together with schools, are invited to develop proposals for experiments and evaluations thereof. The Ministry grants subsidies to qualified schools and research projects. There are also opportunities for follow-up research in the field of performance-based compensation of teachers. The Ministry of OCW organises an information session for interested researchers on January 12th 2012. The scientific advisory committee for the research programme includes NSI board member Lex Borghans (chair), as well as NSI fellows Frank Moers and Bas ter Weel.