News 2014

Ruud Gerards has appeared in Dagblad De Limburger “Bedrijven werken meer samen: Het Nieuwe Werken wordt nog weinig toegepast in organisaties en ondernemingen” (Interview on Social Innovation Monitor Limburg 2014), 16 December 2014, (in Dutch).

Network Social Innovation (NSI) has published the report Social Innovation Monitor Limburg 2014 (in Dutch), which was carried out by NSI in co-operation with the regional employers’ association LWV, December 2014.

Gabelica, Catherine, Moving Teams Forward, Effects of Feedback and Team Reflexivity on Team Performance, Thesis, Maastricht University, 4 December 2014.

Archi Leenaers (Director Anatech and member of NSI’s Think Tank) has appeared in Dagblad De Limburger, “Bedrijven innoveren veel te weinig”, 20 November 2014 (in Dutch).

NSI’s Think Tank has appeared in Dagblad De Limburger, 7 October 2014, “Vergroenen en ontgrijzen”. Click here for the original article.

MT (management team) has nominated Paul Iske for Innovator of the year 2014. It will be announced on November 14 during the Accenture Innovation Awards.
Click here for the article.

Lex Borghans has appeared in Dagblad De Limburger, “Miljoenen Limburgs onderwijs – Educatieve Agenda Forse kwaliteitsimpuls” (“Millions for education in Limburg”) and “Slimmer en gelukkiger” (“Smarter and happier”), 21 June 2014 (in Dutch).

Lex Borghans has appeared in Dagblad De Limburger, “Een kwestie van smaak“, 26 May 2014 (in Dutch).

Business Case “Open Innovatie in het Ecosysteem van de Kennis-As Limburg” (in Dutch).
Business Case “Educatieve Agenda Limburg”, Kennis-As Limburg (in Dutch).