Networks, alliances and service innovation

Coordinator: Prof.dr. Paul Iske

The complex and dynamic environment in which today’s companies operate forces them to respond rapidly and flexibly to opportunities for technological innovations and new markets. In their need for flexibility, innovative companies are increasingly involved in a variety of networks in which companies, government organisations, research and education institutes work closely together. As client-focused services are becoming ever more important in all business sectors, research in this area will focus on the development of innovations integrating technological, organisational, commercial and client-focused factors. The research line focuses on the following questions:

  • How can organisations improve their alliance capabilities?
  • How organisations effectively implement open innovation forms such as corporate venture capital, spin-ins en spin-offs?
  • How can innovation in the service sector be improved?

This research line focuses on three specific areas.

Information on the NSI projects, PhD projects and Publications related to this research theme can be accessed through the links below: