Education and society

Coordinator: Prof.dr. Lex Borghans

Education plays a crucial role in the development of talent. Much is expected from education in a variety of areas, such as health, safety, environment, social security, etc., both in terms of corporate demand for qualified personnel and society’s functioning in general. The complexity of the human learning process and the long-term effects involved raise the question of how education can respond to this demand to the maximum possible extent. This research line focuses on the following questions.

  • How can the structure of the educational system promote the development of talent?
  • What is the influence of education on aspects outside the workplace, such as health and social safety?
  • How can research support policy so as to further optimise the education system?
  • What is the significance of healthcare, safety, a healthy environment and social security for people’s development and society’s functioning?

This research area focuses on three specific areas of attention.

Information on the NSI projects, PhD projects and Publications related to this research theme can be accessed through the links below: