Human resource development

Coordinator: Prof.dr. Andries de Grip

In the current knowledge economy, companies human capital is crucial to the competitiveness of the business and trade communities and the strength of the public sector. This calls for the development of Strategic Human Resource Management focusing on the development of employees competences. This study concentrates on the following research questions.

  • How can companies enhance the competences and employability of their employees as well as their business performance through training?
  • Which employee and manager behaviour is most effective in a changing organization demanding a lot from workers’ ability to adjust?
  • How can companies best guide this behaviour during processes of transition? How can the unemployed (re)gain a sustainable position in the labour market?
  • How can we improve labour participation and productivity of older people and workers with health problems?

This research line focuses on three specific areas of attention.

Information on the NSI projects, PhD projects and Publications related to this research theme can be accessed through the links below: