Iske, Paul

Prof.dr. P. (Paul) Iske is extraordinary professor Innovation and Business Venturing at the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. In this position he is responsible for the set up of Service Science Factory. He is Chief Dialogues Officer at ABN AMRO Bank, which includes the functions of Director of the Dialogues House and Dialogues Incubator. In this role, he stimulates entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and behavior within and outside ABN AMRO Bank. Furthermore, he is founder of the Institute of Brilliant Failures, calls himself consulting Challenger and is a frequent speaker on international conferences and workshops focusing on Knowledge Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Finally, he is Partner in Conceptischâ„¢, an organization focusing on the (co-)creation of environments that support the development of intellectual capital. Paul Iske holds a PhD in Theoretical Physics.