NSI projects Education and society

Talking Places – the Development of Brand Advocacy (in the Post-Dissolution Phase) as a Tool for Place Branding
K.Sillen MSc, Prof. Dr. G. Odekerken-Schröder and Prof. Dr. M. Wetzels

The role of leadership in teacher team learning behaviour
Mieke Koeslag-Kreunen, Marcel van der Klink, Piet van den Bossche, Mien Segers, Wim Gijselaers
Co-operation with: Zuyd University of Applied Sciences

Disentangling test performance
Dr. Trudie Schils (Dept. of Economics), Dr. Bas ter Weel (Dept. of Labour Market and Welfare State) and Eva Feron (Dept. of Economics)
Co-operation with: Secondary school in Limburg.

The Effect of Early Childhood Interventions on the Development of Children and participation of Parents
Prof. dr. Lex Borghans, Dr. Paul Jungbluth (Dept. of Economics), Elma Nap (Dept. of Economics)
Co-operation with: Province of Limburg, all municipalities in Limburg, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences.

Educational choice in vocational education
Prof.dr. Thomas Dohmen (Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market /ROA)
Co-operation with: Onderwijsinspectie, NSVP, Council of Work and Income (RWI),various schools.