NSI projects Human resource development

Capitalizing the strength of informal learning
Maike Gerken, Simon Beausaert and Mien Segers

Learning behaviors as predictors of the performance of command-and-control teams
Selma van der Haar and Mien Segers

Exceptional circumstances in hospitals: how to prepare using exercises?
Selma van der Haar and Mien Segers

Back to Work
Prof. dr. Joan Muysken, Prof. dr. Saskia Klosse, Dr. Ruud Gerards, Drs. Noëlle Tillie, Mr. Bianca Oijen, Mr. Christa Lamberti, Drs. Priscilla Diepstraten, Bob Severijns.
Co-operation with: local authorities in the Province of Limburg.

Self-censorship in innovation teams
Hannes Guenter (contact), Bert Schreurs, Hetty van Emmerik, Paul Iske (Organization & Strategy)
Co-operation with: AMI Consultancy  (Maastricht, Netherlands)

The development of professional scepticism through skilled intuition in the auditing profession. A feedback culture perspective
Therese Grohnert, Wim Gijselaers and Roger Meuwissen

Fostering creativity on a daily basis
Bert Schreurs, Hannes Guenter, Hetty van Emmerik
Co-operation with: Aesculap AG, Bankhaus Ellwanger & Geiger KG, MECC Maastricht, Gemeente Sittard-Heerlen

Team performance in the homecare sector
Tom Kuypers, Hannes Guenter en Hetty van Emmerik

Multi-team systems over time: what about planning and shared mental models?
Hannes Geunter, Maarten Cuijpers and Sjir Uitdewilligen

The challenge of managing the aging workforce: Learning networks to decrease skill obsolescence and increase employability
Simon Beausaert, Mien Segers en Wim Gijselaers
Co-operation with: FME.

The effects of optimism on productivity
Jan FeldAndries de Grip (Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market)
Co-operation with: A multinational telecommunication firm.

Improving sharing of expertise in multi-professional design teams through augmented-reality technology
Anna Chatzimichali, Wim Gijselaers
Co-operation with: Océ Copiers and Printers, Fokker Services, VIP Completion Services

Human Capital Management in Professional Service Firms
Prof. dr. Frank Moers (Dept. of Accounting & Information Management/AIM)
Co-operation with: Van Oers Accountancy and Advice

Impacts of competence development
Prof. dr. Andries de Grip, dr. Frank Curvers, dr. Bert van Landeghem, drs. Jan Sauermann (ROA)
Co-operation with: Telcom company, UWV WERKbedrijf (Public Employment Services)

Philips Employment Scheme and Certified Skills Programme
Ruud Gerards  
Co-operation with: Philips.

From Shared Mental Models to Team Effectiveness
Dr. Piet van der Bossche, Catherine Gabelica (ERD).
Co-operation with: HiTecs/Stork, Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum, AMI.