NSI projects Entrepreneurship

Care for employees and innovation: What can we learn from family firms?
Yannick Bammens and Anita van Gils

External Knowledge Sourcing and Absorptive Capacity: The Role Family Involvement in Ownership and Management
Drs. Nicolas Classen and Prof.dr. Martin Carree

Results oriented entrepreneurship (Resultaat Gericht Ondernemen, RGO)
Dr. Anita van Gils, Roy Broersma (Dept. of Organization and Strategy/O&S)
Co-operation with: Syntens

How do Family and Social Capital Stimulate a Firm’s Innovative performance?
Dr. Anita van Gils, Organisation and Strategy
Co-operation with: Syntens, LWV, various SMEs.

Female Leadership
Yannick BammensMaarten CuijpersHetty van EmmerikAnita van Gils (contact) and Bert Schreurs (Organization and Strategy)
Co-operation with: VKW-Limburg (Hasselt, Belgium)