Gijselaers, Wim

Wim Gijselaers is a professor in the field of professional learning and head of the department of Educational Research and Development (ERD), Maastricht University, the Netherlands. His research addresses effects of social and cognitive processes on professional development. Next, he researches how student learning can be improved through course and program innovation. His current research projects deal with how visualization tools can guide engineering teams in new product development, how talented people can become experts in a professional domain, and how drop-out in professional education can be reduced through curriculum interventions. He is chief-editor of the Springer book series ‘Innovation and Change in Professional Education’ and associated editor of the Springer book series ‘Advances in Business Education and Technology’. His work has been published in many international refereed journals and edited volumes. His fields of expertise are professional development, expertise development, team learning, and educational measurement.


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